Root Blower RSS

1.Dust collecting after burning 2.Equipment of dust collection
3. Vacuum dehydration for dying, paper industry
4. Ventilation, desolates
5.Environment caring
6.Air transportation
7.Gas, bulk conveyance 8.Aquarium
9. Conveyance by air
10. Liquid agitation


Unit Conversion

Pressure Conversion Formula 1kPa= 1000kPa = 10000 N/M2
1 mmHg=13.6 mmAq
1 psi 703 mmAq


1. Wide range of capacity, pressure, vacuum Bore size: 40 mm ~ 300 mm (1-1/2″-12″) Capacity: 0.36 160m3/min (42-5700 CMF) Pressure:

    • RSS up to 8000 mmAq (0.8 Kg/cm2)
    • RSW up to 10000 mmAq (1 Kg/cm2)

RS(2 stage type) up to 20000mmAq(2 Kg/cm2) Vacuum:
1 stage up to-7000 mmAq (-500 mmHg)
2 stage up to-8000 mmAq (-600 mmHg)

2. Delivers complete oil-free air.
3. Low oscillation and low noise by complete balancing.
4. Small variation in airflow along with pressure variations.

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