Purified Water Generator

Product Category: Pharmaceutical Water System
The purified water generator uses municipal water supply as the water source, and the process flow of the equipment includes multi-media filter, activated carbon filter, softener, RO and EDI. The quality of purified water meets the requirements of Chinese, European and American Pharmacopoeias.



Modular design, compact structure, easy and fast on-site installation.
Advanced automatic control mode, continuous, stable and reliable operation.
Double softening in series, alternate regeneration, effective control of microorganisms.
No intermediate water tank design to avoid the risk of secondary pollution.
Pasteurization for all parts, with free and flexible disinfection methods.
Two-way water supply and unique circulation method prevent the growth of microorganisms in the whole system.
Constant pressure control mode prevents the system pressure from being too high in the circulating state and prolongs the service life of EDI.
The recovery rate of the reverse osmosis system is automatically adjusted, or the concentrated water recovery device can be selected, which greatly saves energy.
Flexible water supply, automatically adjust the production capacity according to the liquid level of purified water tank, and minimize the shutdown time.


Technical Specification

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